Let’s Try This Blog Thing

I thought I’d try blogging again. I had one once called The Rehal World, but somehow lost the domain. In that one, I blogged about a lot of different things going on in my world. This time, I’d like to keep it about writing.

The pandemic put a stop to book signings and presentations, so I’ve had to come up with other ways to sell books. I’ve been learning how to do Amazon ads and using platforms such as Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance and eReaderCafe for promos on some of my books.

eReaderCafe will be running a promo on Lasting Impressions on June 29th. On July 8th, Carousel Kisses will be featured on Bargain Booksy once again.

With things opening up again, I’m slowly getting back into writing. I’ve taken a sort of break from the actual writing these past months and been working on marketing. It feels good to get back to writing real romances again and to be getting reacquainted with my characters.

I have two books in the works. Book 2 of Love In The Cove (no title yet) is the story of Carrie and Jeremy. You might remember them from Jillie & Sam. Carrie is the fiery redhead who lost her bookstore and ended up working in Sam’s gallery. Jeremy is the hot contractor who did the renovations on the gallery for Sam. He and Carrie had a rocky beginning. This second book tells their story.

Act 2 is the third book in my Tucker’s Landing series. You get to find out more about the town’s two newest residents. Ted Lamont, the friend of Jonathan’s who bought the old Henderson house and Beth Piedmont, the sister of Dylan Granger from book 2, Lasting Impressions.

Look for at least one book coming out before the end of the year and maybe even two.

I’m also contemplating a second Carousel Kisses book filled with more family stories and nostalgia that will make you smile as you remember a time like no other.

Stop back in to see what I’m up to. I’m making a few changes to my website. Also to my other website, http://www.thefuzzypinkmuse.com.

Published by Lina Rehal

Romance author.

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