Someday Is Here


The minute Blair Emerson arrives in Fort Lauderdale, she has second thoughts about accepting the flirtatious Jace Cooper’s invitation to spend a week at his home. She has only seen him twice since he left Carlton Bay fifteen years ago to sail around the world. Is it boredom with her work as a photographer that makes her take him up on his offer? Or a secret desire to finish what they started on his sailboat the night before he left town?

Jace Cooper has two failed marriages and a precarious reputation with women. The handsome electrical engineer owns a business, a lovely home and a 33-foot cabin cruiser. The only thing missing in his life is the woman he could never have. After reconnecting with Blair on Facebook, he invites the beautiful ex-wife of a former business associate to Fort Lauderdale. 

Things heat up between them, making it difficult for him to honor his promise of no strings attached. When one of Jace’s old girlfriends shows up for a lunch date, Blair realizes she might have misinterpreted everything that’s happened over the last few days. She needs to make a decision. 

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